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New A/C Service Technology –


​At Ferrara Automotive, we’re investing in the future by implementing this new technology into our service center. Many service providers do not offer this newly introduced service, but we’re proud to offer it to our customers. We’re the alternative to the dealership and we want to make it easier than ever to save time and money when it comes to car AC service. We’re keeping our promise to provide quality, ASE Certified Technicians with state-of-the-art equipment by offering service to your 1234YF air conditioning system, and we’ll continue servicing customers with vehicles that require 134a. Here are some benefits of the 1234YF ac service:

  • Recovers 95% of refrigerant in the system.

  • Recharges within a ½ ounce of specification.

  • Will not allow the recovery of contaminated refrigerant.

  • Will not recharge if leaks are detected.

  • More efficient.

  • Better for the environment.

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134a AC Service

​At Ferrara Automotive, while we’re investing in the future by implementing new technology into our service center, we will continue to servicing vehicles that require 134a which are vehicles manufactured 2018 or later.

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