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1) Difficulty Turning On The Vehicle

If you hear sputtering when you try to turn the car on, then the battery is not properly being charged, and therefore incapable of putting out enough power to start the car. At first, it might not be as noticeable, however over time, the sputtering will continue to get longer and longer.

2) Poor Performance In Cold Weather

Cold weather puts a ton of pressure on the battery.

3) Electrical Malfunctions

If the doors are not locking properly or the windows aren’t going up using the button, this is likely due to the car battery not powering them effectively.

4) Dashboard Lights & Lighting Issues

When the dashboard lights start flashing, this is a sign the battery is dying. Several issues arise and that is when warning lights show up on the dashboard. This can include the alternator not returning charge, which happens when a battery is weak.

5) Strange Odor

When there is a distinct smell coming from the vehicle, it is a common sign there is something wrong with the battery. This smell is often referred to as being like “rotten eggs” and it is a smell that continues to worsen with time. This happens because the battery is leaking gas. The sulfuric acid in the battery will start to come out.

- Major sign that a change is required right away.

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