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Vibration – If you are noticing an unusual level of vibrating while driving, it could be a sign of uneven wear. Vibration can be a symptom of a range of vehicle issues, so it is important to have a mechanic take a look.

Air Pressure – If your tires are losing air for no apparent reason, the culprit may be tire wear. The tire that is losing pressure is not necessarily the one with uneven wear, so be sure to check them all. It is possible in these scenarios that the tire losing pressure is making up from the other tire that is in poor condition and supporting more of the car’s overall weight. Check all four tires and schedule an appointment with your local auto repair garage as soon as possible.

Visibly Uneven Wear – All tires wear down. However, tires that are properly cared for and rotated regularly wear uniformly. If you can tell by examining your tires that they appear to be wearing unevenly, it is probably time for a rotation.


Tires wear at different rates depending on whether the vehicle is all-, rear- or front-wheel drive. The driven wheels do more work and are therefore more susceptible to wear. For example, a front-wheel drive car uses the front wheels to brake and steer while simultaneously bearing the weight of a front-mounted engine and transaxle. It is recommended that drivers have their tires rotates by an auto technician approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or six months. This may vary depending on your specific make and model. Whenever you take your car in for an oil change, ask your mechanic to check whether they need rotating.

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